How to Grade Trading Cards

by Staff Support February 25, 2021 1 min read


Grading cards can be a lucrative hobby that usually pays off in ten to twenty years. Think of it as a long-term investment: that is, if you purchase the right cards.

To increase the value of your cards, it will need to be graded by one of the two main card grading companies. This guide will help you prepare your cards to send them in for grading. 



Step 1. Place card in penny sleeve

Clean the surface of the card with a microfiber cloth and place it into a penny sleeve. This will prevent the card from being scratched. A small scratch can mean a few hundred or even thousands of dollars decreased in value. 



Step 2. Place the card into a Card Saver I

Once the card is secured into a penny sleeve, place it into a card saver protector to prevent the card from getting damaged during shipment. Do not use any tape or write anything outside of the card saver protector. 



Step 3. Choose your grading company

PSA - Collectors choice: card holds value.

Beckett - Secondary choice: better card protection

SGC - Third Choice: lower value, quick turnaround 


Step 4. Package card an ship the item

Package the card between two cardboards to prevent it from getting damage during shipment. Print out and include all documents in the box and ship with your preferred logistics company.

You should receive your cards back within 30 days