Top 5 Easter T-Shirt Designs

by dezignables CS February 25, 2021 2 min read


How are you celebrating resurrection day this year? For this Easter, we came up with 5 designs that you can wear to your Easter celebration. 

Spice up the Easter egg hunt and make it more festive with these t-shirt designs.


1. Easter T-Rex Dinosaur



Happy egg hunting! Easter always involves an egg hunt and you'll look amazing with this t-shirt design featuring an Easter bunny riding on top of T-Rex. Feel like a child again and wear this design with your favorite t shirt.


2. Flossing Easter Egg



The floss dance was made popular and went viral from a video game online. Nowadays, kids and adults of all ages, swing their arms and hips to create this quirky-looking sway. The egg and a silly dance move should add some humor to your Easter conversations.


3. Chocolate Egg Inspector


There's no better way than to show up on Easter Sunday wearing this Chocolate Egg Inspector t-shirt. It shows that you're ready to participate in the egg hunt and you mean business. Chocolate, Easter and Egg hunt would make an ideal resurrection day.


4. Fox and Bunny Rabbit



The fox and bunny seems to share the same territory in the wild. Here is a cute design that features a bunny and fox picking apples together. Is the picture depicting the bunny as Eve, picking an apple from the forbidden tree? 


5. Happiness is Sweet



To top off our list, this bunny rabbit t-shirt design features a bunny sitting between two eggs and flowers. The design also includes the phrase, "Happiness is Sweet." This t-shirt design would be an ideal fit for Easter Sunday.